Hadden on Collaboration

As you may or may not know, I wrote and produced one of the short films the Elon in LA program is producing this summer. (Come check them out next Wednesday.) “Rock Bottom,” (shameless plug) is the story of a struggling singer who’s girl friend breaks up with him. As producer of the film, I had the practical challenge of finding someone who would sing a rock song, hopefully for not much money. When faced with the problem, I turned to my roommate Conor Ambrose who manages a singer named Phil Kahan.

At this point, we have wrapped the principal photography of the short, but the music for the film has been yet to be completed. Ben Soldate has been working on both scoring and writing the soundtrack to the short. He wrote the music, the lyrics and the melody for the song.

Last night, the four of us (Conor, Dan Griffin, Ben and myself) go to a studio to link up with Phil. Long story short: We had an hour to record the song and we succeed and everyone in the studio KILLED IT. Ben really impressed me with his musical and technical knowledge. He worked with Phil’s engineer seamlessly. Seeing a seed of an idea (my pitch at the beginning of the summer) become something I never could have imagined (a full blown song). While I had no direct creative input in the song, it was very cool to see my idea go creatively and logistically though 6 people to come out to a final product.

Oh yeah. And the song is awesome.

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