Client Spotting

At my internship, at The Osbrink Agency, I am faced daily with the headshots of all of our clients.  While most of these people I have never met, I have come to know them through pictures, resumes, auditions, bookings, phone calls and emails.

It was amazing when I looked up during a commercial one day and recognized one of our clients.  I hear about the work they are doing, I may have watched things with the intent of them but it is a totally different feeling when it’s the commercial break during your favorite show and you recognize the person you called this morning about an audition.

It once again made me feel extremely proud of where I intern.  I thought I would share a few commercials that have some beloved clients in them.

Check out Julie Wittner as the blonde neighbor in the Quaker Cookie Commercial.

Here is Lennon Wynn as Suzie in the Verizon Commercial.

Lastly, Jessica Cook is the lead actress in this Axe Commercial with Kiefer Sutherland.


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