When you’re stuck in traffic here, you’re forced to look at billboards. Billboards five stories high. Usually I’ll look at them and snarkily criticize them in some way (especially the over-enthused whippersnapper on the Glee billboard on Barham). The most entertaining billboard is this one:Image

The pretentiousness and Hollywood-ness of LA was really getting to me, but since everyone that chooses to live here most likely embraces those aspects, I felt like a black sheep. Then I saw this billboard and wanted to give Sierra Mist a joyous, personal phone call. All I know is that if I end up living in LA, it will be in Manhattan Beach. The place is a utopia. Maybe that way I’ll be far enough away from the Hollywood obsessed.

Alright, I know. Enough venting. I surprisingly found myself in a situation that proved “not everything in Hollywood is artificial.” Emma, Amanda and I were headed to a Whitney Port sample sale joking about the possibility of seeing her until we walked into a small office space packed with clothing and Whitney was in full-view. I can even say- since there was no dressing room- she definitely saw us partly disrobed. Heck, she zipped up a shirt on Emma and said it looked great on her! She was totally real and totally not artificial.


It gave me hope, but nothing will change my belief there ain’t nothing better than small town North Carolina where this stuff is way under the radar. I find myself really excited to reunite with I-40.


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