“Sorry, did I wake you?”

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

7:45am: I answer a call from Julia Gallagher, wondering what on earth she could possibly want from me at this hour. She says “I’m on a set, and we desperately need another actress. It’s for this scene in a kitchen, they want a female chef, anyway, can you be here in 30 minutes?” I guess I should get out of bed.

Jaime Pressly

8:00am: I get off the phone with Marilyn and J. I’m not going to make it to the 10:00 screening.

8:20am: I’m en route to set with no idea what’s actually going on.

8:40am: I arrive, find the 1st AD, see Julia, and get almost immediately swept into the kitchen with one other actor for rehearsals.

8:55am: Jaime Pressly arrives! Turns out this is an indie feature starring Jaime Pressly and Robin Thicke. She’s super cute and tiny and all business. I can’t believe I was still in bed an hour ago.

9:20am: I’m in the hair and makeup trailer. When my hair is done, the wardrobe lady comes in and puts an apron on me. Back to the holding area to wait.

9:45am: Filming begins.

11:00am: I strike up a conversation with Jaime. She’s from North Carolina and knows exactly what and where Elon is! That’s a first.

12:15pm: Filming ends. I snag a delicious muffin from craft services and I’m gone.

1:15pm: I arrive at the Howard Fine studio for class, and the rest of the day goes as planned.


I’ve never had a cooler wake-up call.


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