Live from NBC…it’s the Tonight Show

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be invited along to witness a live taping of the Tonight Show, hosted by comedy legend Jay Leno. Kara Johnson offered me an extra ticket, and we soon found ourselves waiting in line outside the studio. The guests featured on this particular episode were Jeremy Renner (The Town, The Bourne Legacy) and everybody’s favorite Golden Girl, comedic legend and actress Betty White. Joss Stone was the musical guest.


It was an incredibly vibrant and energizing feeling, sitting in the audience watching a legendary comic and talk show host like Jay Leno work. I was even called up (thanks to Kara Johnson’s signaling the announcer) to challenge a significantly older gentleman to a dance off for a signed football by Jay Leno. Fortunately, a technical glitch at that moment saved me the seemingly inevitable embarrassment that would have come, but I still got a Tonight Show t-shirt.

Check out the episode that myself and Kara watched come together here!


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