Brand X

Tonight, Chelsea and I went to see a live taping of Russell Brand’s FX show Brand X. The show is filmed at Solar Studios in Glendale, and this was the second time I’ve gone. The first time I went, I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish, so I was anticipating this taping to be equally as funny. As expected, he was absolutely hilarious and put on a great show. He is really unpredictable and says whatever he wants, but I don’t think I can go in to much detail, because the show hasn’t aired yet so I’ll keep it pretty general. What I love the most about the show is that he includes a lot of audience interactions, and if you’re lucky, will sometimes sit on people’s laps. Before entering the studio, all audience members must sign a release form, and on the back is a short survey on the topics Brand will be talking about in the show. If one of the audience members has a really great answers to any of the questions, he usually will call them out and make them share their story with everyone else. Unfortunately, neither Chelsea nor I got picked on, but many of the people around us did, and they certainly had some strange things to share. It was such a fun time, I would recommend anyone go and see a taping, but unfortunately this was his last one until October. His show airs on FX every thursday at 11, and although it doesn’t compare with being there in person, it is still really funny, I recommend even non-fans of Russell Brand check it out. I had a really neutral opinion about him before I went to the first show and now I think he is really great. Also, after the show ended we were able to snap a photo with him which was pretty exciting.


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