The Sound LAB at Witzend

Last night I went to a music showcase concert at a venue called “Witzend” in Venice. There were 7 featured artists who got to play for 30 minutes each, and interspersed with them were artists who played two or three songs each. I don’t know what I was expecting from all of these artists, but I was blown away.

Featured Artists at the July 28th Sound LAB

The act that brought me there was SONOS, a 5-person professional acapella group I’m absolutely in love with. If you’ve never heard of Sonos, drop everything you’re doing and watch this video:


So when I showed up at Witzend, I expected to stay long enough to hear them perform and then head home. What I got instead was a night full of amazing music that kept me entertained for hours before I was tired enough that I finally had to throw in the towel.

This event happens on the last Saturday of every month, and I will absolutely be a regular there once I make it back to Los Angeles.

Sonos, live at Witzend

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