Driving Miss Lucy

Recently, I got the amazing opportunity to work with one of my literary management company’s clients, Lucy Alibar. I was thrilled because we had literally seen her movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, the week before as an Elon in LA Wednesday movie! When I was assigned to be cheufer/ escort for the day, I was worried about the possibility that I wouldn’t get her to meetings on time, but she eased my nerves as soon as she hopped into my car. Lucy is one of the funniest, warmest, carefree individuals I have ever met. She must have called me “Boo” over a hundred times throughout the day.

So, basically I got to spend an hour on the FOX lot and five hours at Sony Pictures lot while hanging out with an extremely cool new friend. I met people from each location as I explored with my official guest pass. The biggest piece of advice I have gotten all summer was from Lucy. She told me “You can’t accept what people expect you to be. You must be the best version of exactly who you are, and anyone who doesn’t like that, can get lost.” Lucy told me that most people don’t imagine a tiny blond southern belle writing such an intensely raw and emotional film. She couldn’t care less. She is proud of her work and herself, which is what really matters. This advice has inspired me to keep moving on when feeling stuck or criticized. 

I ended the day driving her to dinner at a fancy restaurant where she was meeting another writer. I came into the restaurant to return something she left in my car, and Lucy insisted I stay and have dinner. Despite my initial hesitation that I was intruding, I stayed for a bit and tried caviar for the first time with two Hollywood screenwriters! I am so lucky to have had this great experience interacting with a fresh talent who is going to continue to do many great things in the future. 


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