Get The Diego Out Of Los Angeles

I love L.A., I really do. I might not be the biggest fan of the child-star haven known as Oakwoods, but I love the City of Angels. That being said, this weekend I discovered the regenerating effect getting out of the city can have on a person’s sanity. By 5pm on Friday afternoon I was chugging along ” the Five ” towards “the Southtown” better known as, San Diego. I knew I would enjoy a break from the L.A. hustle, but I had no idea I was in for such a treat. The food, the people, the views! My outside L.A. adventure took me to the beachfront neighborhood of Ocean Beach. A mere two and a half drive transported me to an entirely new and exciting culture. I returned to Oakwoods late on Sunday night paradoxically exhausted and rejuvenated for my last week in California. Los Angeles is truly one of the greatest cities on earth, but even the most seasoned city dwellers will tell you this town can eat you alive. So rather than stick around and be eaten, take a weekend and eat at these places just down the road in San Diego.

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