The First Two Months of LA- Jon Smith

My first two months in LA have been pretty crazy (in a good way of course). At first I felt like Los Angeles was this distant land with stars on every corner and films being shot on every street.  When I actually came, it was not too far away from that.  Especially working at NBC Universal I saw big name actors and actors and performers who may become big names everyday.  It was strange at first to get used to the insane drivers and the unique road directions but after awhile (just like everywhere else) I began to learn the little tricks that made all the difference in navigation in LA.

A huge advantage for future Elon graduates will be the network that is being built of alumni who have moved to LA and work in the entertainment industry.  Just by having dinners and catching up with alumni I have realized that past Elon students are extremely eager to help out current students in their job searches.  Attending Elon has allowed for many more personal connections with students in my major and that will translate to connections after graduation. I think the best piece of advice I received on the subject was from Raj Rawal who said not to try to build a network, but to try to build relationships which become a network.

Tattoo Birth


One of the coolest experiences I had was when I went to Studio City Tattoo shop for my photography assignment. All of the artists where extremely talented and I got to see up close the detail that goes into each tattoo. I got to meet some really interesting personalities while spending a few hours at the shop and realized how much of a relationship that tattoo recipients gain with their particular artists.

-Jon Smith


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