The Hills of Sunset: Two Months in Los Angeles

Growing up I used to hear so much about the city that is Los Angeles, California. Whenever someone mentions the city, immediately an association of the motion picture industry is formed in the person’s mind and some mental image of the Hollywood sign or of Sunset Boulevard is visualized. I certainly  pictured these iconic images when I heard anything about the famous city of angels. I imagine that millions of people dream about their own idealized version of what the city of dreams means to them and how their future lies in the sunny hills and panoramic vistas that California has to offer. I had my own notions about what it would be like to live and work here in the entertainment industry, but the distance between dreams and reality can be miles apart. Moving out here and living here for a semester has been an extremely humbling and knowledgable learning experience that couldn’t be replaced by anything. Leaving good impressions and holding onto contacts is something that must be done to establish a structure of people who will go out of their way to help you and make sure you get somewhere with your career. In LA everybody is trying to climb the ladder of success and they say that many people are only interested in relationships if it can further their own career. Despite all of the things that are said about Los Angeles, the people here are incredibly friendly and accommodating. Another incredible part about Los Angeles is the natural beauty and various famous locations throughout the city. The Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Malibu, and Burbank are all within an hour’s drive and have provided me with some of the most beautiful images of nature and its man-made structures that I have ever seen in my life. Living in this wonderful place has brought me closer to everyone in the Elon in LA program and I truly value the friendships and working relationships that have been strengthened over the course of these two months alone. It’s humbling and eye opening to start at the bottom of the industry and see where the top level professionals are operating and what it takes to get there. It drives me to want to work as hard as possible to operate on that same frequency some day. Shooting out here has been an insightful and difficult experience, but also one that I will never forget. The beautiful sunset casts a gorgeous glow on the rolling California hills and on the memories I will remember from this trip. This is what Los Angeles means to me and this is how I envision it when the images appear in my mind. Sometimes it appears that one’s dreams are not so far removed from our own perception of what we call reality.


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