It’s really hard to believe that two months have passed by already! Time feels so different out here. And everything seems to start and finish later. But you get used to it fast. Which is great, because I was terrified to be out here once my flight landed. I honestly wanted to see if there was a way I could go back home without feeling like a chicken. For one thing, the traffic was a lot different than in little Walkertown, NC. In my hometown, we barely even have 5 stop lights total (that’s why I always say I’m from Winston-Salem).

Initially, everything was all bright lights and huge billboards. Basically, untouchable. But then, I started getting used to it. The traffic, getting your parking validated, the $12 movie tickets compared to my area’s $3 movie theater (I’m just sayin). But not just the hard-to-get-adjusted to aspects. There are a number of great things about being here:

– I’m not a morning person, so everything starting later is just fine by me.

– There is a Boston Market less than 10 minutes from the apartment. You don’t understand how important that is to me!

– I found out that I love sushi. And there are some great places eat it.

– The weather: OK. i am sick at the moment. But other than today, I have not gotten sick this entire semester. Which never happens! And I’m 98% sure that the great weather helped, because let’s be honest. NC cannot make up its mind about whether it wants to be cold or hot.

– There’s always something to do.

That last pro is a bit of an understatement. There’s almost too much to do (not that I mind).

So now as a senior, with not only less than a month left in this semester, but also in my college career, I have a lot of decisions to make. Whether I stay in CA or go back to NC being the main one.

Fortunately these last two months have been a great example of what to expect if/when I choose to stay. It’s a lot to digest. So for right now, I’m still taking it all in… Oh yeah, and it doesn’t hurt that California is gorgeous!


Is It Really Almost over?

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