Group Pictures in LA


Elon in LA has been an “experience” in all conceivable connotations of the word. WHile the majority of my time here has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been trying experience, growth opportunities masquerading as military-grade SNAFUs.

This program I feel has broken down into three phases, the first, the exciting and surprising initial weeks, full of hikes, new sights, sounds, friends, and colleagues. THis was the pre-equipment era, defined by shipping mishaps and shifting deadlines. A simpler time, this allowed students to settle into a new city and group dynamics at work and in class.

This lead into the ear of comfort, where students fell into a more general lull and routine. This was followed quickly by the era of biting impatience and anticipation of stress.

Then with the equipment came the burden of responsibility, the piling up of assignments  a flood of scheduling conflicts and a shifting of priorities. This intensity brought out the best in us. We were able to experience something that we couldn’t get back at school. And those long days on set and the films that will come of them make this trip worth it. I recommend in LA to any Communications student at Elon.


An Experience – Peter Walpole

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