Laura in LA

My time out here in LA has been an epic learning experience. The main reason I decided to come out here and take art in Elon’s program was to get a sense if I could see myself living here one day. The answer is…yes. And no.  Throughout my stay hereI have learned to love the city for all of its flaws and for all of its wonders. I never felt overwhelmed, which was my biggest fear coming here. It also became clear just how many job opportunities there are out here and how important it is to be here if you are in the film industry. So yes, I can see myself living here after my graduation and starting a career, but as far as later in life, I think I would prefer a smaller more concentrated city. The fact that almost everyone you meet here is in the “entertainment business” is a little overwhelming.


There are also a couple of key things I have learned out here in LA that I would like to share.

 -Plan for traffic…a lot of traffic.

-Always have a backup plan. (Whether that is on set or just in life)

-Always ask for help.  It became clear that people like to help people out here. Building connections and lending a hand is second nature to most people, so if someone offers to help ACCEPT it, and if you need help ASK.

-If you get a chance to be an extra on a show or movie, DO IT. It may take up 15-16 hours of your day but it is absolutely the most worthwhile and exciting experience ever. My whole apartment decided to be extras for an ABC pilot. I was able to sit three feet away from the director while he was directing his actors, which was such a meaningful experience. I also learned the intricacies of how a professional set runs. It felt like the epitome of experiential learning. I also met lots of cool people!


It has and continues to be a blast living in LA and I can’t wait for my next chapter here to begin.



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