Los Angeles- Two Months, Endless Possibilities

Los Angeles is amazing! I can’t believe it’s already been two months. “Elon in LA” has been an absolutely fantastic experience. Here’s a mini-bucket list of what I’ve hoped to achieve here:

1. Find my internship


On my second day in LA, I was determined to locate the route from my Oakwoods apartment to my internship at Nickelodeon. Four hours of walking later, I regretted that decision. But, I also learned how surprisingly kind LA folks can be. Anyone I asked for help was happy to point me in the right direction. Heck, an Arrowhead waterbottle truck driver gave me a can of tea from his cab! (I am now an Arrowhead drinker for life.) I may have had blistered feet for days, but I still am grateful for my painful-but-not-scary first trip in LA.

(And no, I didn’t walk to my internship after that. I carpool with other interns at my studio.)

2. Learn more about the animation process

I am an intern on Nickelodeon’s new show, Monsters vs. Aliens. Which, by the way, go see it, it’s funny. As a production intern, I help manage artists and their work by sequencing storyboards, packaging modelpacks for digital shipment overseas, and a host of other tasks that help grease the oils of the show’s pipeline. There is a lot of talent at Nick, and I’m super-grateful to be there. It’s been tons of fun learning about this process and I hope to experience more of it in the future.

3. Find my place in animation

I know that animation is the industry for me, but I’ve never quite known what specific job I’d like to have in the creative process. I like many aspects of animation, and narrowing it down is a difficult process. Luckily, I’ve gotten to talk with some great people that have helped me discover where my talents fit best. I’ve determined that I want to become part of the story pipeline. If I want to pursue this as a career, the most likely way to get my start would be to become a PA, then progress through the various stages of storyboarding. Eventually, I could become a director or producer on my own show. Here’s hoping everything works out!

And last, but not least:

4. Get a genuine LA kebab. Still haven’t done this one. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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