Started from the bottom now were here

Los Angeles the place where dreams come true, celebrities are just normal people you see day to day, and traffic is no surprise.

Since being in LA I have noticed a change in myself.  I went from this


to this,


The transition proved to be tough at first.  Between getting used to driving in this crazy town, jet lag, and no sweet tea my life was turned around.

I believe that through this trip and these experiences I have learned a lot about life and the opportunities that surround me.  Los Angeles has so many opportunities you just have to be motivated and willing to accept them.

I have noticed that a lot of people in LA have gotten caught up in the life and the beauty of the city and let their drive and pursuit of achieving their dreams slip by.  Its very easy to do in such a beautiful place, but you will crash and burn.

In the beginning I was worried that I was not fit for this city, but now I don’t want to leave.  Its interesting how much this city has grown on me.  There are so many different cultures here.  I love every part of this experience and know that this is just the beginning of my journey in Los Angeles.

The tips that I have gathered from being here are so far:

  • Travel in groups
  • Experience tourist areas, and then AVOID THEM
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Expect everything to be expensive
  • Make Connections with people that you find interesting and learn from their experiences

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