Two Months in LA – Ben Stringfellow

When I first arrived in LA after that terribly long day of flying, I felt intimidated, small, and pretty much clueless. I felt like a tourist in a big city, ready to hit up the trashy souvenir shops and take a thousand selfies in front of the biggest landmarks. I really had no idea where anything was or how LA worked. I’ve always visited to Baltimore a few times a year for Orioles games and I’d only been to NYC twice. This was really my first time actually living in a big city. When I see how far I’ve come now, I realize that I may not have changed as a person (I’m glad I haven’t), but part of my has actually changed. It’s the part of me that stores my future endeavors, my passions. I’ve always dreamed of living in Hollywood, and here I am. Now that I am here, I feel like I have a good grasp of what it means to be a real part of the entertainment industry. Yes, I’m only a sophomore in college with a three month internship, but I feel like I am a true cog in the machine.


My internship at Precision Productions + Post has gone very well. I came in expecting to be sitting at a computer editing the whole time (something I don’t often mind), but instead I’ve been out on shoots, location scouting, and just about any kind of PA job. So, as a whole, I think I’ve actually done more production than post production, but that’s ok with me. I’ve still had a good mix of both. The editing jobs I’ve done are mostly in order to prepare a project for Precision’s staff. This is valuable assistant editor experience that has helped me learn a lot about professional post set ups and structure. I have been drawn to post production for a while and I am strongly considering a career in it.


The Elon in LA program has given me the chance to take the skills I’ve learned in college so far and apply them to the real world. I’ve had to organize and produce my own photo shoots in beautiful California locations. I’ve had to help raise money for a short film and shoot it in real LA settings. I’ve learned how to take what I’ve been taught at my internship an bring it into my own work to mimic the professionals. To me, these are the most valuable things that I will take away from this semester. I know that when I return to Elon in the fall, I will have an extra edge on some of my classmates and I hope that they get the chance to come out here as well.

(This is a .GIF, click on it to watch.)




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