Wilson Hester

My semester in Los Angeles has been beneficial to me. There is an aura around the city to those who have never been there. In television and movies Los Angeles is a place where beautiful people wear the latest fashion. No one is old and everyone is a star. There is no such thing as weather because it is always that perfect transition in the seasons between spring and summer. Most of these things are true. I have experienced them first hand. These were my perceptions of Los Angeles before I came here. 

Being in Los Angeles is a good experience. I have had to actually live. I don’t mean live in the sense that I have had to really traverse beyond my comfort zone and experience new cultures, but live in the sense that nothing in life worth achieving is ever given to you.

It has been really difficult to get things done out here. Things applies as it should – universally. Things are: driving to work, cooking meals, maintaining relationships, learning, making art, and so on and so forth. Los Angeles is a difficult city to live in.

This preface is only so that I can say how much I have enjoyed this difficulty though. As a student it is hard to understand what your life will be like. That is an ambiguous sentence, but it applies. College offers many safety nets where students are allowed to fall and try again; however, living in Los Angeles and being a student does not have much room for failure. Los Angeles has taught me to be precise, diligent, meticulous, and strong. It has been an education you can’t receive many places this young. 

I am realizing this post reads rather heavy. 

A list of things that I have done in my stay out here that are nice, pleasant and not so serious:

1) Having fun.

2) Being a tourist.

3) Eating great food.

4) Seeing celebrities.

5) Seeing old friends, making new friends.

6) Making great memories.

Enroll in the program and have a great time. It is fun.


Wilson Hester



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