I from NYC… What’s L.A.

I knew about the Elon in LA program and thought I was going to go apply for the summer program but then three weeks before the semester ended J. walked into our class and told me there were two spots left for guys in the spring program. I decided that I would go and it’s ended up being a conformation to me living out here after I graduate Elon in 2014. Being from NYC moving to Los Angeles wasn’t the biggest change; minus the mountains, highways, not being able to walk around, and not having a subway. Ok that’s a lot but overall I felt like I fit right in from the start. I loved the people, atmosphere, beach, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and most of all the weather. Seeing all the different opportunities and job options over the last few months has shown me that there are so many different possibilities out here in Los Angeles. Seeing the growing alumni out here has made me way more comfortable to move out here and know that id still have support from my school.


So why not NYC? There’s plenty of alumni on the east coast, I have way more connections, and wouldn’t have to pay rent at first. Well I don’t like the cold weather and although the people are mean on both coasts at least on the west coast the weather is nice and the people are mean also people here respect the grid lock when driving.

Overall coming out here really has been a great trip and has proven to me that I want to move out to southern California the mass amounts of people who will be doing the same doesn’t discourage me it gives me a challenge and I like challenges

coffee beanPierSergio


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