Never A Dull Moment

My first month in LA has been crazy. From the start, I have been extremely busy exploring and experiencing everything LA has to offer from hiking to the Hollywood sign, walking down Hollywood Blvd, visiting art museums, touring Warner Brother studios, going to LA Pride, taking dance class, doing yoga, and much more. There is so much to do in this city and I want to see it all to decide if I could see myself living out here after Elon, but not alone. Which is why it’s great to be out here with fellow Elon students. I have met and made connections with multiple Elon students and faculty members I may have never talked to or encountered at Elon. With that said, I am building relationships within the “Elon Bubble” and in the entertainment industry (specifically dance) by interning two days a week at Clear Talent Group. (CTG). CTG is a talent agency that focuses on helping artists achieve their goals and as an aspiring dancer, it is a great opportunity to see firsthand what it takes to make it. Deciding to come out here was one of the best decisions I have made and would recommend it to anyone.

 5 Things I have quickly learned in LA:

-Travel in big groups (however if you go out to eat in a larger group be aware most restaurants won’t or hate to split the check)

-There’s always traffic at ANY time, so plan ahead

-Taking pictures of dancers in public areas is like a street show and random people will take your picture…..without asking

-Everyone is friendly (except when driving) and approachable

-LA is a city with mountains and beaches



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