First Impressions

Ever hear the song by Jay- Z and Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind? Remember the lyrics, These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you? I spent my entire life in New York City with very negative opinions of Los Angeles and let me tell you I was wrong. (Not about New York being great because trust me it is but Los Angeles pulls in at a close second).

I imagined Los Angeles as a big city with very fake and wrongfully entitled people. But since I have stepped off the plane at Burbank airport I have only encountered supportive and helpful people. I don’t know if it’s the morning yoga or the freedom to be yourself that creates an environment of love and inspiration but as long as you are hardworking, dedicated and always come prepared people you work with will want you to succeed.

What really separates the city though is its beauty. The artwork, the mountains, the parks and the beaches (not to mention all the surfers). The lights around this city are really just “a double rainbow” wow. Between the fountain outside of the Los Angeles Music Center, the bridge to Pasadena and the LACMA lights I really haven’t ever been more inspired. I look forward to filming and finding even more inspirational artwork around the city. Till the next post I leave you with this photos…

Malibu Beach

Venice Beach

Bridge at Marina Del Ray


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