Los Angeles has been the biggest blessing in my life. Seriously, I’m not messing. I knew coming here this summer I would love the city, but I never expected to fall head over heels in love with it like I have.

This past weekend I took a stroll on Tourist Lane (aka Hollywood Blvd.) for the first time since arriving in the beginning of June. It was funny because this guy who was in charge of bus tours was like “Hey girls, would you like a tour? Where are you visiting from?” And my friend just said “We live here.” As weird as this may seem, that was the coolest thing to me. To be able to say that I live in Los Angeles is unreal.

So we did our own little tourist adventure and I searched high and low for Leonardo DiCaprio’s star on the Walk of Fame. I couldn’t find it. I finally Googled it’s location only to find that HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE. That poor man, he doesn’t have an Oscar nor a star! How awful. However I did find James Cameron’s star, and he directed Titanic which is my forever-favorite movie (which also stars Leo) so I felt pretty accomplished. I also stumbled across Tinkerbell’s star…and Kermit the Frog…both of which I never expected to find. It was interesting.

I mainly window-shopped with my friend because I ran out of money (awkward) but I still had a blast. We went into the Disney store and knowing how much I love Disney, I was afraid that I would never come out of there. But I surprised myself and only spent a few minutes in there (primarily because I had no money to buy anything with). I was also excited because I finally found my name on a key chain (which never happens) but still had no money to buy it. My friend thinks that the only reason why I wanted to buy the key chain was because I had no money to buy the key chain, which I still don’t understand, because I’m pretty sure that I still want that key chain.

It was a great afternoon and I haven’t had my fill of the Tourist Lane yet, and I hope to make a reappearance soon.

Til next time,



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