California Summer

Beach Time


One month in and I didn’t feel lost anymore.

That is what LA will do for you. It will start to feel like home. Even if you come out to the city with no intentions at all of living here later on, you can’t help but find something you enjoy. There is a hiking trail, museum, club and restaurant for anyone here. It’s not all about Hollywood really. Los Angeles itself is a town of vibrant culture. There’s a life to the city that is easy to fall in love with.

I have done more here in this short time than I ever thought possible. My friends and I have really tried to think outside the box and do the “non-tourist” activities LA has to offer. I can say that I have been on more hikes in the past four weeks than I ever have in my entire life. I never knew how healthy this city was. Usually you think “Oh, LA. Lots of smog there. Unhealthy.” But that’s not the case at all. This may be a driving city, but it is also very much an exercise city. If you have that idea that Hollywood is where the beautiful people are – you’re absolutely right. Well, at least this is where the beautifully tan and fit people live.

The point is, living here the past month has debunked a lot of LA stereotypes for me. The entire town isn’t one large production company, and everyone here doesn’t look like Paris Hilton. Actually, there are large botanical gardens, national parks, contemporary art museums and plenty of antique shops.

I’ve loved every minute of my time in the city so far, and I have a few favorite spots right now. I’ve listed some links below!

  1. Favorite coffee:
  2. Favorite 24 hour diner:
  3. Favorite view of the city:
  4. Favorite place to buy records:
  5. Favorite place to “smell the roses”:




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