Immerse Yourself


Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist cities in America.  When I came to Los Angeles, I expected to do all the touristy things that you have to do while in Los Angeles like see The Walk of Fame, get pictures with the Hollywood sign, see some celebrities, and visit the LACMA.  And of course, we did all those things.  We searched for the stars of our favorite actors, we hiked to the sign, we have seen Artie from “Glee” in Chipotle TWICE, and we took pictures with the lamps at the LACMA.  Now that we have gotten all the obvious activities out of the way, we have to immerse ourselves in the culture of Los Angeles.

After being here for a month, I think I have a good idea of the culture here.  Everyone eats healthy.  Avocado is like water in Los Angeles.  It is a must-have.  Everyone here is also very fit.  They love hikes and walks and runs and just exercise in general.  There are a lot of trails and parks to go to for a nice walk.  If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of LA, definitely walk around Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park.  My friends and I took a day trip to Huntington Gardens.   It was not too expensive with a school ID and it was beautiful. It has Japanese and Chinese gardens, a desert area with crazy plants and cacti I’ve never seen before, and beautiful fields and paths.  This is something that is not as popular of a activity as the Walk of Fame, but it is something everyone who visits should definitely do.

When you come to LA, do everything you have to do like go to the Santa Monica Pier and Amoeba Music.  But also think about going off the beaten path (figuratively and literally) and go for a hike in Griffith Park or for a walk in Huntington Gardens.  Los Angeles has so much to offer and you should take advantage of this.



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