inspiration everywhere!

I first heard about the LA summer program when I was applying to Elon. I knew I wanted to participate then and there. Now this was around four years ago. I had this grand plan about how the summer was going to work out. Friends of mine have been on the trip, but hearing about it second hand is nothing like is experiencing it. I had never been Los Angles before, so at every turn things were new. The only knowledge I had about the city was what I had seen in movies, so it was a glamorized version that lead to unreal expectations.

I must admit that the reallity is much better. It is a livable place with a ton to offer. THere is always something to do, though most of it will burn a hole in your pocket supper quick if you don’t watch out. But thats true of most cool places. 

Each of the trips that we have gone have been so worth it. My favorite so far has been a tie between the WB tour and the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. The WB tour was just so cool to see all of the sets and how they do some of the tricks for the camera. Being so close to how the ‘magic’ works gave me the inspiration to work a little harder.  seeing the exhibit made real, how hard you have to work to do great things. 

Malibu was stunning, I can’t imagine getting to live so close to such a stunning place. Driving through the hills during sunset was unreal. 

I am so happy that I have had this opportunity to come and explore the city. Inspiration surrounds me every time I step outside. I can’t imagine a better place for me to be this summer to inspire and hon my art. 


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