Living It Up in LalaLand


Hang 10

Los Angeles, California. It’s barely halftime, but it’s been a pretty great game so far.

Since arriving in LA a little over a month ago, there hasn’t been a moment of rest. From hikes to the beach, from internships to theatre, from concerts to comedy to dance, LA is constantly buzzing with energy, creativity and my personal favorite part – sunshine. (Seriously, I haven’t checked the weather once since getting here…)

I’ve gotten to dance again after years in “retirement.” I’ve hiked to the highest mountain in Burbank and hung from a tree at the top. I walked on the set of the Mentalist. I saw my first Oscar. I’ve driven a pink car. I celebrated gay pride in West Hollywood. I rode the ferris wheel in Santa Monica. I’ve seen the Dodgers win a game (and gotten on the kiss-cam!) I’ve walked along Rodeo Drive and took my picture with the Hollywood stars.

I can’t believe I’ve already done so much – here’s to an even better second half.

My car - "The Pink Panther"

My car – “The Pink Panther”


Dancers Among Us in Studio City


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