Los Angeles: The City of Dreams

My experience out in LA so far has been one for the books.  Starting off at an internship, quitting it, interviewing for many, many more, and finally landing two- how awesome!? These past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing for me and my friends.  We have been to Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, Universal Walk, Warner Brothers Studios, museums, movie theaters, and so many other places.

To try and pick my favorite place I’ve been or thing I’ve done this summer is impossible.  The amount of opportunities I have had out here is infinite, however, I must say that I really enjoy the Wednesday night movies.  We don’t go to the same movie theater twice, and we don’t always see Blockbuster films- this past week we saw Kings of Summer, which was a Sundance film and it was standing ovation worthy in my opinion.  A couple of the theaters we have gone to have been beautiful, such as the Vintage Los Feliz Theater- it was like transporting back to the 1900’s!

I have been looking forward to this summer since before I even started my freshman year at Elon, and to think that I only have one year left until I graduate is extremely terrifying.  But, being out here with so much support by other Elon students, Elon faculty, and even Elon alumni has been so rewarding!  I couldn’t have asked for a better first half of my summer, and I am so looking forward to my second half!


Vintage Los Feliz Theater


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