Summertime in L.A.

Elon in L.A. has been such a rewarding experience already, and it’s only been one month. This summer was the first time I traveled to the west coast, and California continues to prove why it has always been a dream of mine to live here. I mean, what’s not to love? There’s the city, the beaches, the weather, the nightlife, the movies, the people, the food…It surrounds you all the time, creating an environment that supports growth opportunities.

One of the most memorable experiences thus far was when I went on a tour of Warner Brothers Studios. I gained much insight into how the motion picture and television industry are produced by getting behind-the-scenes of some of my favorite TV shows and films. Seeing the “Friends” Central Perk set was by far the most exciting of stops on the tour. My roommates and I even got a picture on the orange couch in which the six main characters of the show spent much of their time conversing.

As a rising senior, this trip has proven useful by showing me the various career paths that surround me. I’ve learned that to achieve your dreams, you must work just as hard or harder than the person next to you. Otherwise, it might slip away. This has motivated me to continue to actively pursue my goals and work diligently and not get distracted by the beauty of the city in which I am living, interning and studying this summer.


“Friends” set at Warner Bros. Studios


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