California Love

I envision myself sitting in front of my laptop and watching television. I am completing my last essay question for the Elon in LA application and editing it making sure that everything is perfect. A few weeks go by and it’s time for my interview with J. I’m nervous but I won’t let that stop me from continuing on a journey this big. I’m ACCEPTED into the program and I feel so blessed and accomplished. A few more weeks go by and I attend every meeting in order to prepare myself for this next stage of my life (oh and because they were mandatory). A few more weeks go by and I am at home packing and spending my last few days with my family and close friends. I know I will miss them but I play it off because I’m just that cool. It’s June 1, 2013 and my grandma and brother take me to the BWI airport at 8:00am to begin this trip. This will be my first time on a plane and they have no clue how nervous and excited I am about this adventure. The anxiety begins to build up as I enter through the security check point. The layover in Denver had me even more anxious than when I begin this trip because all I wish for now is to be greeted at Bob Hope by the AMAZING Elon faculty and staff. Eventually, this happens but a few hours later. Let’s fast forward to about a month now…

 gals fun Beach Baby 942669_10201484567939563_1642532226_n IMG_0132 jump

My time spent in LA has been unbelievable. Never in a million years would I ever think that I would do so much in just a month. From the walk to the Hollywood sign to the viewing of MUD to yoga in the park, every experience has been wonderful. I am so blessed and grateful for being able to have the opportunity to experience so many things in LA. My time spent here has opened my eyes to things that I am not used to. LA has taught me to appreciate things even if I do not like it. It has taught me to live in the moment and focus on the now rather than what is to come. The number one thing being in LA has taught me is patience. Not everyone is the same so it is important to be open and willing to work with others. At times this may be annoying but in the end it will make you a better person. With just a little time, you can learn so much about a person and even build friendships. LA has taken me out of my comfort zone and because of that I have been able to meet some fantastic people and experience some great things. I am so thankful for what has happened so far and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this trip!

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