I Will Die For You

So far my time in LA has been informative, exciting, and exhausting. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to gain an entirely new perspective on the meaning of community.  Through my internship with Diavolo Dance Theater, I was allowed to participate in one of their weeklong dance intensives. It was absolutely exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. Throughout the 50 plus hour dance week I had to face just about every fear that I have. Flipping off extremely tall objects, doing the most insane acting exercises ever, and trusting a group of people to catch me when flying off of an object 10 feet in the air.

Through all of those experiences, I learned that I needed to have complete trust in the people I was with and to do each task with total abandonment. At the end of the week we had a performance of the choreography we had learned. Before we began the show we had to stand in a huddle and look in each person in the eyes and say “I will die for you”, the companies motto due to the intense physicality of their movment. Having to say that to a group of people I had meet a few days earlier seemed completely insane but when I think back to that very moment I knew that each person would be there for me no matter what happened. We had become a “family” in a dance sort of way.

Moving on from this experience has given me the ultimate goal to approach each new task with total abandonment for the rest of my time in L.A. I know that I can always try to reach for something greater with the knowledge that I will have a team, family, and friends who will have my back and help me when needed. With enough persistence, I can reach for my dreams to make them become a reality.

Here are some pictures of me during the performance. I am the person with the white mask on.

Here are some pictures of me during the performance. I am the person with the white mask on!


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