Pinch Me

Even though I’ve been in LA for over a month now, this place still feels unreal to me.  Like the classic David After Dentist YouTube video, I often ask myself, “Is this real life?”  

Ever since I stepped foot off the airplane in Burbank, my life has been completely jam packed with things to do.  Juggling class, my internship and all the touristy activities, I’ve barely had time to call home (sorry Mom and Dad).  Every single second of it has been a learning experience, whether it be getting lost on the highway or spending all day at Malibu Beach.  The hardest thing I’ve had to learn so far is to just soak it all in.  It’s scary how fast that first month went by, and even scarier to think I only have four weeks to fit in everything I want to do.

One of the first days we were here, J took us on a hike to the Hollywood sign.  When we got there, he told us to close our eyes and visualize our journey to Los Angeles- the application process, the meetings, the flight and all the way to the present.  Now that I feel more at home here, I’ve been visualizing my trip thus far so it doesn’t all blur together.  Instead of trying to cram everything and speeding through the days, I’m trying to step back and live in the moment.  Cheesy, I know, but this way time may go by a little slower.Image

Yesterday I rode horses on a mountain trail that lead to a beautiful cliff overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles.  I had the perfect panoramic view of the Hollywood sign, downtown and even our little Oakwood apartment complex.  Being up there was one of those “pinch me” moments.  I still couldn’t believe I was spending my entire summer Los Angeles.  Hopefully these next four weeks will be full of “pinch me” moments before I have to leave this unpredictable city! Image


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