The Unexpected

I must admit, before coming to LA there were a few things that I expected: lots of cars, traffic, smoggy air, and low humidity. That’s exactly what I saw. However, there were a few unexpected discoveries.

1. Hills

I had no clue that so much of California is made up of hills. PEOPLE LIVE ON THOSE THINGS! This is something I could possibly live without.

2. How small LA seems…

I swear I’ll drive a block and be in a different city (at least I am according to my Garmin – yes, I did buy a gps).

3. FREE! (sort of)

There are so many free events to attend. What’s the catch? Free parking is rare. If you carpool, that free event will be a $2-5 event. Although it’s still not “free,” it is inexpensive.

4. Growth 

Being a “suburban” girl, I just knew I wouldn’t like the city. Yet, it is actually growing on me. Would I want to live here for the rest of my life? I don’t know. Buuuut I could definitely call it home for a while.

5. Oh and this…city lights

Though I do miss the stars, the city lights are beautiful.

I’m a pretty thorough researcher (it’s a hobby), but somehow these details slipped through.

LESSON(S): Sometimes it’s nice to experience the unexpected instead of planning every detail. Also, firsthand experience makes a big difference.


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