Woman of Steel

How is it already half way over?! This summer I have been partaking in the Dance for the Camera course and I have had so much fun as well as many inspiring experiences while learning more and more each and every day. One of these inspirational experiences happened this past Friday in the middle of the desert in 108 degree heat. (You heard me.)

Myself and 3 other dancers collaborated with instructors Jen Guy and J McMerty at Palm Desert to create a dance film inspired by sculptures created by the famous artist Betty Gold. J has been working on a documentary about Betty for about a year now and I now understand why. Gold,  spunky and nearly 80 years old, was quick as a whip and an inspiration to women because of her success, drive, and vision. You all have most likely seen a Gold piece at one point in your life, as her work scatters the US at many college campuses and museums. She has designed and constructed her pieces by her own hand out of steel and was inspired by Asian workers and kabuki warriors from when she lived in China.

After visiting and speaking with Betty at her studio, which was filled to the brim with gorgeous sculptures, models, oh and original Picasso and Matisse paintings, we headed to the desert to get to filming. We did our own hair and makeup for the shoot in the car which was an interesting experience in itself. The location was a sculpture garden at California State University. Betty accompanied us to location and we reviewed choreography and began filming with the help of J and Bia Jurema (who was a total trooper in the heat). Though it was extremely exhausting because of the temperature and nature of the choreography, I had SUCH a fun time. I was so glad we had a chance to talk with Betty before we filmed because it gave me much more inspiration for the shoot.

After we wrapped filming we all piled into the minivan after the sun had set drenched in sweat, slathered in sunscreen and dust, and happy as hell. I cannot wait to see the dance film and J’s documentary. Keep an eye out for it everyone and make sure you check out some of Betty’s work!



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