What my experience is so far.


Los Angeles has a vibrant culture, is a city that feels unlike a city and draws you in to stay.  At least for now.

My taste of Los Angeles has been a satisfying bite, for now.  Since being here for a month, I’ve realized how unique the culture really is on this side of the country (the West Coast).  People’s attitudes are more relaxed, their mindsets are hard-working and everyone is somehow creative.  Whether they’re working directly in a creative field of media or art, or they’re managing the business or financial aspects of a creative company, people in Los Angeles usually work collaboratively  That’s just a general mindset I’ve noticed. And I like.

I’ve enjoyed all the cultural happenings, as well.  From the Museums (like LACMA & MOCA) to the beaches (like Venice & Malibu) to the classic food (like Mel’s Drive-In & The Farmer’s Market), everything has been an event not worth missing.  I hope to continue exploring through the next month while in LA.  And continue gaining all of these great chances to explore and experience something new.



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