Calm Before the Storm

It’s hard to believe my summer in Los Angeles is already half way over, but it’s even crazier to think of all that is still left to do. I have had so many incredible opportunities throughout this summer, two of which include positions on final films which I am currently working on. I have had the great privilege to work as the Artistic Director on a short titled “Three’s A Crowd”, a story of family dysfunction, and “Steinwicks & Agnes”, a story of a revelation of ageless friendship and happiness. These two films have truly been a joy to work on and I have learned an incredible amount in the short time I have been on both of these teams. 

ImageAs we move into the heart of the summer, both of these films are also moving into the final week of pre-production. As schedules were finalized, the first shoot date for these films were scheduled for this coming weekend, one Saturday, one Sunday. As a result, this week of preparation has become quite a week already as it is now all hands on deck! Whether looking around the stores and markets of the area or online, or putting together equipment lists and rental agreements, there is certainly plenty to do before the camera begins rolling.

These last two weeks have definitely helped me to keep strict schedules and meet deadlines but also to learn how to balance work and fun. While working towards the ultimate goal of a successful film (or films) is a clear number 1, we, as teams, have also worked very hard to make sure we have some time to also enjoy this incredible opportunity to be in Los Angeles. Spending the summer in this great city has also helped to open my eyes to passion and joy that comes from filmmaking. Working collaboratively with a group of extraordinarily talented students, artists, producers, writers and so much more has helped to show me what it takes to make a successful film. With that in mind, I am confident that the teams for these shorts have exactly that, and am very excited to see what lies ahead!Image







Be sure to check out Steinwicks & Agnes and Three’s A Crowd as we begin production this weekend and keep checking the blog for updates on both films! 


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