I Can Go the Distance

A wise young man once said, “I can go the distance.” That man was Hercules, son of Zeus. Hercules said these words right before setting off on a courageous adventure to become a true hero. ImageFrom my time out in Los Angeles thus far, those words have started to shape up into reality. For years, my ambitions of becoming a filmmaker were kept to my daydreams, the reality of working in a cubical for some big named corporation seemed the more likely.

After being out here for over a month, my perceptions have taken a complete U-turn. My goal of making it big, is a lot closer than it once seemed. All of the boring and meaningless work has paid off to get me this far. But getting here is only 75% of the work, that other 25% comes from having the drive to achieve greatness. But, you won’t find any classes on perseverance at Elon or at any other university. Passion and determination cannot be taught. They are decisions and choices we make everyday. ImageWe are constantly making choices that either advance our working knowledge, like waking up at 6am to film the sunrise over a cliff, or bring enjoyment, like spending 4th of July sun tanning on the beach. The hardest part, is finding a happy medium. This summer has pushed me to create a large volume of work, but, it is no longer a chore, instead it is a fun outing where I get to play with a bunch of different toys. Because when you think about it we all used to play with plastic toy cameras when we were little kids.


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