L.A. (Not So) Confidential

I’ve felt at home in Los Angeles since the day I arrived via the desert drive from Las Vegas. Coming here from small-town North Carolina has been the most welcome change I’ve ever received. Every time I get a call or a text from someone back home, I struggle to find the right words to describe just how much I’m enjoying everything about this city.

I love that I can eat Armenian cabbage rolls one night and Indian chicken tikka masala the next without driving too far either night. I love that I get to drive down Sunset Boulevard to and from work. I love exploring the city and seeing its many different subcultures, from the affluent Beverly Hillians to our friendly neighbors in Burbank.

Oh, and don’t forget the famous landmarks I had only ever heard of, maybe seen in pictures…

It’s still GRAUMAN’S Chinese Theater to me.

Every day I’ve had a moment of realization of how fortunate I am to be here and how glad I am that I chose Elon University three years ago. Other schools might have given me such an opportunity, but no other could have given me such friendships. These are some truly talented people! I’m thoroughly enjoying the chance to collaborate personally and creatively with such talent far more than any Eurasian food spot or storied avenue (though those cabbage rolls were pretty great…and every palm-lined drive in Beverly Hills feels like a dream…)

Yeah, I kinda like these people.

I could easily see myself spending a large chunk of my years living in LA. The traffic’s bad and there are FAR too many different places to get a cheeseburger, but this town has an attitude that resonates with me and the right sense of wonder to keep me yearning for my big Hollywood dream.

…and a house with a view.

I’ll take it.


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