That moment

They say that everyone who moves to California has “that moment” where it hits them that this is the place for them. This was my moment.Image

I’ve had the thought of moving out west in my mind for a couple years. Los Angeles is the central hub of the music industry, and I wanted to move to the middle of the action and get right to work. Professionally, it made sense. I started interning at a recording studio in the city and have since gotten hands-on experience working with professionals and clients that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I liked the idea of starting a career here, but again it was a left-brain decision.

My moment was at Venice Beach during our third weekend. I had seen the professional side of the city, and tasted the cultural and social sides, but visiting Venice on a bright Saturday afternoon was like diving headfirst into a colossal cauldron of culture and creativity. Everywhere I looked I saw hundreds of exciting denizens of the City of Angels exploding with energy and creativity. This place has everything. I need to be here.

Leaving is going to be really tough — I’m just starting to feel at home.


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