The City of Dreams?

Some call Los Angeles the city of dreams. But it’s also the city of failure. Think about it, how many wildly successful people get to where they are without having ever failed? That person would be rare, maybe even impossible to find. It is through the setbacks, and maybe even because of them, that people who live out their dreams gain success. Each failure holds a lesson for the next time around, an opportunity to pick oneself back up, tougher and smarter. This is what I love about Los Angeles. This city seems to run on the hope that, despite the failure of today, tomorrow can be better. It’s a city of optimism, and the vibe is infectious.

I’ve come to find here in Los Angeles that human hope is so very honest. It takes courage and humility to admit to oneself and to the rest of the world the deepest wishes of our hearts, and Los Angeles is the place that many people come to pursue those wishes. The best part is that, through all this struggle and longing for success, people try to help each other out. We make friends and form a community of people. Some may call it networking, but people see past the bull here. It’s the personal connections we create that makes us want to help each other out.

This is what I’ve learned during my first month in Los Angeles: To take each day at a time. If I fail today, tomorrow still holds every opportunity to be successful. And if I stumble again, the friends I’ve made here will help me pick myself back up and get ready for the next round.


This is the biggest group picture I could find of us….remind me to take another! 😉

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