Finding your WAZE around LA

WAZE app

When visiting any city, there are inevitably difficulties that you encounter. While there is certainly a spectrum of issues depending on the location –3 travel necessities in particular: transportation, lodging, and dining are relatively standard concerns. In my experience in LA thus far, I have made an effort to use my available technology to the fullest extent in handling my travel dilemmas- especially regarding traffic.

The app I have found most helpful in transportation is WAZE. By using GPS to track the movement of users with the app open, and allowing users to add ‘reports’ , WAZE provides real-time traffic information. Then, when using the navigation feature, WAZE will re-route automatically; providing directions to avoid new traffic. Their phrase “outsmarting traffic, together” creates a sense of community among users, and small icons can be seen on the map of other users nearby.

As an avid user, I am grateful for the knowledge this app provides. However, I wish the drop down advertisements were more catered to my interests. At least once a day I am asked if I an interested in “20percent off Home Depot paint .2 miles away from my current location.”



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