Never Quit

“Never quit” has been a phrase that has defined life in my family, ever since my cousin suffered a spinal cord injury four years ago. “Never quit” is the mantra that has motivated him in his long-term struggle and every member of my family, including myself, has adopted that mentality for the various problems we have in our own lives. But I think “never quit” has never been as meaningful to me as it has since arriving in LA.


Standing on the mountain behind the Hollywood Sign wearing my “Never Quit” hat for my cousin.

In the off chance that your complete perception on LA living is based on a Lauren Conrad show on MTV, you don’t understand how far from glitz and glamour this city can be. I came out to LA with no internship, which caused a stress cramp that took two weeks to subside. Traffic is a pain in the butt (especially on my drive home from Santa Monica in 6pm traffic). Finding parking is even harder (I’ve had to relearn to parallel park). My GPS is relatively useless. My understanding of camera equipment and editing software is a work in process. Most of my meals consist of Dino nuggets and mashed potatoes or something that can be cooked in the microwave. For a girl who likes life wrapped in a satin bow, these have not been the easiest conditions with which to work.

But I never quit, like the hundreds of thousands of young and eager students who came to LA before me. I found solutions to the problems, learned to cope with disappointment, and carried on. I’m not saying that I am an expert on LA or cinema production or even being a functioning adult. I’m saying that by not giving up, I opened more doors than closed them. LA is not always the picture-perfect city we all believe it to be, but when you have a never quit attitude, you finally can see what all the fuss is about.


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