Everyday I’m Hustlin’

This summer has been my first extended stay in Los Angeles. At first, I loved it. At this point, I still love it. I have been having the absolute time of my life. The balance of work and play has shown to me how much potential I have in the entertainment industry. I did not truly understand what “hustling” meant until I came out here and began working 20 hour days. I love the pressure- it has given me the opportunity to do my best work. My favorite part about the culture in Los Angeles is the room there is for creativity to thrive. Everything about this experience has been eye-opening. You can have so much fun working hard when you love what you are doing- even from the bottom of the totem pole.

City Walk

I entered this experience with a business mind. What can I learn from the business people around me? How do they communicate in their respective roles within the company? Now having a screenwriting experience under my belt, I am much more in tune with my creative passions. I think writing for shows and movies could be a route I take and succeed in down the road when I return to this city. My goals were so subjective to my major, when in reality, goals should pertain to those uncontrollable urges to express oneself. I now understand what roles I can and should play in these high-profile industries. For every business venture I can tackle, there is always a creative outlet that goes without being expressed. I hope to find a balance of these wants and needs in my future in Los Angeles.

Zen Den

My favorite activity to do out here in Los Angeles is see the sights. My friends and I have seen so many different cultures in the various parts of the city. We make a point to venture to new parts of the city each weekend in order to fully grasp everything that Los Angeles has to offer us this summer. The Hollywood sign hike was intense, but reminded me how much I love spending time outdoors. When you spend two years in the bubble of Elon, this city seems like the most spontaneous place on Earth.

Dodger's Game

I have no regrets this summer. My slip-ups have taught me how to act professionally and handle stress in future scenarios. The people I have met this summer have had unique bits of advice to share with me. For these people and their genuine interest in my well-being, I am forever grateful.

Highlights: The opportunity to write and produce my own short film, Shared Hands. I couldn’t be more proud of all the work my team is putting in to make my idea come to life. A truly remarkable experience.


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