Welcome to LA!


A picture I took in Venice Beach

A picture I took in Venice Beach

When I got on the plane to come to LA, I knew that my life was about to change but I never could have predicted that just one month could change me so much. In the past week alone, I saw a live taping on Conan, met the president of the The CW along with other executives and fellow interns, created logos for two projects and drove around in a Jaguar with a very talented composer. Who am I? Sometimes it’s hard for me to fathom how lucky I am to have this experience. Working for The CW has been an amazing experience say the least. I’ve been able to be on set for photoshoots and read copy and scripts for some of the new shows.  My favorite part about working for the The CW is the people in I’ve met. I’m surrounded by some of the most talented and genuine people I’ve ever met. I’ve learned so much just by  watching everyone around me and soaking it all in. Overall, being in LA is so inspiring, I am constantly surrounded by creative people and art. Not only have a learned a lot about the industry, but also I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’ve never been on the West Coast and it’s a different from Boston or North Carolina, but I love it. Everyone I’ve met and worked with from alumns to students, has inspired me to create some of my best work.  Through this I have learned even more about how important it is to be humble and strive to learn. With an internship, class and other activities it can be hard to juggle everything, but I’ve learned that while you should take yourself and your work seriously it is important to have fun and embrace your creative side. I cannot believe that I have less than a month left here but after this amazing month, I’m excited to see what’s in store.



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