The 7 Must-Knows about LA

As I sit here writing this by the pool on a beautiful afternoon, I am reminded of many things. First off, I am forever grateful to be here right now. This has definitely been a summer for the books already and although I can’t believe there are only three weeks left, I can’t wait to see what else in store for me. 

With this being my first time in LA and my first time living in a major city, there have been a plethora of learning experiences to say the least. The following is a list of the biggest take-aways I have learned so far:

1. There is always traffic in LA. Always. 

2. You have no idea how powerful the person in front of you in line at the grocery store is. This may not always be true, but I definitely like to think it is (and it often is!).

3. Get involved with everything.

4. Be curious.

5. ALWAYS keep coins on you (damn you, LA meters).

6. Embrace all the curveballs sent your way. You never know what you may discover by missing your exit and having to take the next one. Could be Bradley Cooper’s house or something (unfortunately this is not a true story). 

7. Take in everything. 


This has definitely been the most amazing summer of my life. I have not only learned about the city and the entertainment industry (and how to be an aggressive driver) but I have also learned an infinite amount about myself. 






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