A City of Go-getters

The most impressive thing about my time in Los Angeles has not been the sites, the views or the celebrities, but rather the people around me. Before I even knew anyone in the program, I was already amazed at how hard everyone was working to perfect their resumes, revise their cover letters, and apply to as many internship sites as possible.

Since coming to L.A., I’ve seen my classmates work even harder in their internships, in their classes, and on the five short films that are being produced through Climbing the LAdder. I’m so blown away and impressed that every person in this program has put in so much effort to succeed in their office, raise money for a short film, perfect their pirouette, or nail their latest monologue.

Working in such close proximity with these talented, driven and ambitious students has only given me the motivation to push further and work harder. I have no doubt in my mind that my classmates will go on to be the next big producers and CEOS of fortune 500 companies. And while I am not only enjoying building my network in the Elon Entertainment Empire, I am also enjoying learning from my peers and letting them help me become the best I can be.


The crew of “Shared Hands” at our first meeting. Nothing like a little teamwork.


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