First day of many.

I’m not going to describe my first week in the typical, yet true, terms of “oh my god, it’s been such a whirl wind!” In order to make it clear, I’m just going to share the events of my first day interning.

After the first day of classes on Monday, it was time to intern. My first internship is with Young Hollywood and my supervisor wanted me to come to the studio the first day. The studio is in the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. Really. It’s inside the hotel.

After much trouble getting used to LA’s traffic patterns, aggressive drivers and abrupt google map instructions on when to turn, I pulled my white Nissan Versa into the front circle of the plush hotel and my car was valet parked. The doors were held open for me and I walked into the lobby. The concierge called up to the YH studio and told me to head up to a specific floor and room number. I was confused. The studio is IN a hotel room?  Confusion aside, I continued up to the right floor and walked up to the room. Should I knock? I definitely shouldn’t. They didn’t mean to send me to an actual hotel room and this is probably Blake Lively’s room or something. I started to walk away and my supervisor poked her head out and called my name. I ran back to the door I had just left and went inside. The studio wasn’t just one room… it was three. There was a green room, editing room and the studio. The entire place was fully YH personalized to the max and absolutely stunning. The YH logo was everywhere and the intern spot is right next to a balcony over-looking Beverly Hills.

I continued on in pure shock the rest of the day at how GREAT my life was. The interns brainstormed over script ideas for webisodes, joked around and got to know each other. I dictated the writing for a webisode (the spelling of that word continues to stump me so excuse that) to the other intern and knew, in that moment that the entertainment industry is where I belong.




Abby’s entertainment industry debut!

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