Fourth of July Weekend

I can’t believe it’s already my turn to blog again! In my last post I talked about my three top highlights since being in Los Angeles. There have been many more activities and events that have be surreal and memorable since, but I will focus this blog post on events around the Fourth. 

My younger sister, who is a junior at the University of Alabama, came to LA to visit me over the holiday weekend, and I knew I wanted to show her the LA that I’ve began to know and love. Shortly after we arrived, we went to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We spent some time with my aunt and uncle, and their two 3-month-old twins! Family is very important to me, so I loved getting a big dose of family over the weekend.


On the Fourth of July, a group of my friends went down to Huntington Beach where we enjoyed swimming, kayaking and a lovely fireworks show. Our friend Jenny has a family friend who invited us over for a lovely BBQ dinner after a full day on the beach.

We kept busy over the next few days with trips to the Farmer’s Market, Hollywood Blvd, and an exciting trip horseback riding up to a beautiful overlook of the city. I had a great holiday weekend and I just loved spending time with family and friends. I’m looking forward to everything coming up in the next few weeks in Los Angeles!



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