Making Memories of a Lifetime

Things just keep getting better and better out here in sunny Los Angeles. The wonderful memories just keep building up and I cannot believe I’ve been here for over a month already.

Some of my favorite memories so far include having the opportunity to be involved in a dance film created around Betty Gold’s sculptures. I had so much fun going on the two-hour road trip to get to our location and stopping along the way to see some fantastic windmills. Though we were dancing in 100 degree weather out in the desert, I had a blast working with my friends, Jen, and J on this film. I am really excited to see the final product.

Another great memory that is still in the process of being created is working on the short film Steinwicks & Agnes. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Publicity Director for this film and I am having a great time getting to know everyone on this team. We are building long lasting friendships with each other, which is exactly the overall theme of this film. I am also proud to say that we met our ambitious goal on our indiegogo page! I am learning so much about publicity works through this project and I am able to use some of the skills that I am learning at my internship to my advantage in this position. It’s a lot of hard work but I know its all going to pay off in the end once this film is complete.

I cannot believe that I only have three weeks left out here. I am going to try to make the most of every opportunity given to me out here, including attending the weekly Elon in LA movie nights, going to Magic Mountain with everyone (which was so much fun), and just soaking up the beautiful sunshine. It’s going to be hard to part with this place but having this feeling makes me realize that I made a fantastic decision to be apart of this program. I am so thankful to be out here and am excited to experience the last leg of this trip. 



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