I was standing in the elevator in the Griffith Observatory.  My friend was talking about how her mom would get angry at her when she spoke in a baby voice.  She then started saying some words in a baby voice including the word “awkward”.  It came out sounding like “awkwood”.  That instantly triggered an idea for a TV show called Awkwood where Awkwood is the name of an all-girls boarding school where a lot of awkward things happen.  After telling my friends my idea and thinking about it more and more, I finally came up with the plot of Awkwood.

Awkwood is about a normal girl who moves into a very not-normal town.  In Awkwood, being awkward is the norm.  So when an average normal girl moves in, she is seen as strange and awkward.  Quinn, the normal girl played by Kate Conway, quickly befriends a group of awkward friends.  Skye, her instant best friend, is played by Kathleen Harper.  Piper, played by Devon Gailey, and Logan, played by Brian Binder, are the cutest couple of Awkwood.  Quinn crushes on her friend Shane, the coolest awkward guy in town who is played by Tyler Alverson.

So for my Freestyle Project, I made the TV show intro for Awkwood.  Lizzie Bassen, the PR person assigned to my project, was fantastic and created a poster for the show and also thought of its tagline, “Fit Out to Fit In”.

I am really excited about my project because I know it is just the beginning.  I was talking with Kate Conway about it and she asked if we can really do this and make it a web series.  As of right now, that is the plan.  In the fall we will be making Awkwood a web series and everyone involved is really excited.  And to think it all started in the elevator in the Griffith Observatory at Elon in LA!


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