Brace For Impact

I was thinking it might be nice to go into work earlier on Tuesday July 9th. I wanted to show Brave New Films my dedication to their cause and arrive an hour early with cupcakes. My alarm goes off at 6am and I hop in the shower. I get all dolled up and by 830am I’m in my car headed out the gates of Oakwood. It might be possible that my radio is blasting a bit too loud but I’m trying desperately to stay awake. I Slide off US 101 South for Vine Street and I’m well on my way to Culver City. I’m fast approaching Sunset Boulevard when BAM the traffic light goes straight to red and everyone stops short….everyone except, well, me. That five seconds that goes by in slow motion when you know what’s about to happen, what do you think in those seconds? For me, my mind went black at first then I thought I’m going to die and I’ll never get to open up all those Snapchats. SMASH. The crashing wasn’t the worst part though, it’s right after when the airbags deploy. It’s like getting punched in the face and it isn’t very fun. After that there was a whole lot of crying, a good amount of bruises and one really perverted accident victim. So in essence, the lesson here is don’t drive when you’re too tired but on the positive side of things I got a cool idea for my freestlye. Check it out. BRACE FOR IMPACT.


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